Through daily practice of internal medicine in Morocco, we noticed the high frequency but underestimated of Systemic  Inflammatory  Diseases (SID) in our country. This encourages us to create the 30 TH January 1996, an association  against  systemic inflammatory diseases, said by abbreviation in MOROCCO :ALMS  in order to  educate  public authorities, professional Health  and general population on frequency and seriousness of these diseases.

Thanks to many achievements of ALMS, this has been recognized in the public utility  in 2001.

There are about fifty systemic Inflammatory diseases, some of them are frequent, others are rare. Diagnosis of Systemic   Inflammatory   Diseases (SID) are   often hard and their covering expensive. In this site, we will talk briefly about some systemic inflammatory syndromes   caused by those diseases.

The  goals of this association is to try to avoid physical handicaps caused by those diseases especially because it concerns for most of them a young people which represent  the majority of the Moroccan population and to develop scientific  research in these Systemic inflammatory Diseases.

The course of ALMS had known many achievements   either in terms of moral  sustain or in economic help. It grew at the level of sensitization and advancement  on the scientific research in this domain.

I Invite you to visit the site and I hope, it will respond  to  different questions   raised   by these  Systemic  inflammatory ,chronic, disabling and non contagious diseases; and the benefit  to diagnose and treat them earlier. This site will make possible the understanding of theses systemic inflammatory diseases; help and sustain those who are suffering of them.



Professor Saïda BENAMOUR

President and Founder member of

Association Against Systemic Inflammatory Diseases

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